The Fifth Elephant 2012

Finding the elephant in the data.

Sameer Segal


CouchDB: All your JSON are belong to us

Submitted May 29, 2012

An overview of CouchDB and its amazing replication feature, horizontal scalability and (a completely new dimension to databases) called CouchApps.


Learn how to combine Android, CouchDB & CouchApps to build a scalable, realtime Data Collection system without much effort.


A laptop would be helpful to closely follow slides and build your own CouchApp

Speaker bio

Sameer is the Founder & CEO of Artoo - Technology to the Rescue ( Artoo is using cutting edge technologies like Android, AWS, NoSQL systems to improve the quality of life of the masses.

Sameer would love to be acknowledged as a geek someday but for now settles for “pseudo geek” title and wears nerdy t-shirts to work.


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