The Fifth Elephant 2012

Finding the elephant in the data.

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Big Data in a Small Startup


Pramod Biligiri


What unexpected problems and challenges will you find when you go tackling big data problems, esp. if you’re a bootstrapped startup with resource constraints?

How do you stay agile and not sacrifice user workflow with technology choices designed for big enterprises?


Based on my experience building, I’ll talk about the technology challenges as we keep scaling our data. I’ll touch upon NoSQL systems like Solr, Redis, MongoDB, graph database (Virtuoso), build-vs-buy, hardware-vs-software optimization, Cloud vs On Premise and framework-vs-libraries.

Keeping in mind that all the while your company is still trying to achieve Product/Market fit.

Speaker bio

Working on data processing and query performance at Using Scala, JVM and some NoSQL systems. Used to be an Application Developer at ThoughtWorks.