The Fifth Elephant 2012

Finding the elephant in the data.

Vivek Y S


ACID + BASE = ??

Submitted Jun 17, 2012

Understanding the challenges in building scalable fault tolerant system from first principles.


There is lot of hype created about noSQL, eventual consistency etc. What does these actually mean? Are there any reason why they work the way they do?
In this lecture let us discuss about the meaning of the following
Eventual consistency and its various models.
What are the consequences of these theorems.
I will try to give theoretical background about why is it so hard build a scalable fault tolerant system. What are the challenges involved.

Speaker bio

Vivek YS leads the kernel layer for the Data Platform team at Flipkart he has led the overall caching and distributed caching layers at Flipkart. He is also the resident expert for all Linux and kernel issues.

Vivek has also worked on Fault tolerant system in telecom industry and also built a realtime OS.


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