droidconIN 2016

The sixth edition of droidconIN

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Write an Android Game in C for Free (in 5 minutes)


Chinmay V S


Wanna make a Tool/Game for your Android phone/tablet?


  • Java = Meh ?
  • NDK = Too complex ?
  • No time to “learn Android” ?

Fret not. Turbo-C to the rescue! :D


  1. [ 5mins ] Setting-up the IDE, compiling game.c, and playing the game. ALL on the Android device itself.
  2. [ 5mins ] Automation / Integration with Android-OS.
  3. [ 5mins ] Caveats Emptor.


  • An attention span of atleast 15minutes.
  • [Optional] Be born in the 80s/90s for bonus nostalgia!

Speaker bio

More than a decade of hacking embedded systems with BASIC, VB, C, Android and the Linux-kernel.

  • ATARI2600
  • SNES
  • Nexus One
  • Galaxy S2 ← Sensors drivers/HAL.
  • Mi 2S
  • Shield K1

Currently - System Software Engineering @ NVIDIA.