droidconIN 2016

The sixth edition of droidconIN

Upasana Chauhan

Introduction to Leanback support library for Android tv

Submitted Aug 10, 2016

Smart TVs are the need of hour. Who dont want a tv which can show VOD or live streams, which can be connected to the phone to display Images or play videos. Android TV is one such smart tv which is enriched with custom apps downloded from Google Store. This session will introduce you to Leanback library provided by google for creating apps in andorid tv. This library provides a rich framework of classes for developing efficient and attractive user experience apps for playing media files.


Topics covered are:

  1. What is Leanback library ?
  2. Why use Leanback library ?
  3. Classes leanback library supports
    a) Introduction to BrowseFragment - A fragment for creating a primary layout for browsing categories and rows of media items.
    b) Introduction to DetailsFragment - A wrapper fragment for Leanback details screens.
    c) Introduction to PlaybackOverlayFragment - A subclass of DetailsFragment for displaying playback controls and related content.
    d) Introduction to SearchFragment - A fragment to handle searches. The fragment receives the user’s search request and passes it to the application provided SearchResultProvider. The SearchResultProvider returns the search results to the SearchFragment, which renders them into a RowsFragment.
  4. Customization of these above mentioned classes.

Speaker bio

Upasana currently working for To The New in Smart TV and Android app developement. She has keen interest in learning about trending technology in market. Hands on experience in Google Analytics, AdMob, Brightcove and other plugin integration(FCM, Payment Gateways) with Android.


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