droidconIN 2016

The sixth edition of droidconIN

Arun Raghavan


Going native with GStreamer on Android

Submitted Sep 19, 2016

GStreamer is a cross-platform multimedia framework used to build various different types of apps – from playback, to capture, streaming, editing, and so on.

It works on Linux, Android, iOS, OS X, and Windows and provides powerful mechanisms to build applications that span the spectrum from simple music players to complex video editors. And it does all of this while leveraging hardware capabilities (like encoders, decoders, OpenGL ES) for performance and power efficiency.

In this talk, I’ll quickly lay out what GStreamer is and does, and talk about why you may want to look at it for your multimedia needs on Android.


  • Quick introduction to myself
  • What is GStreamer, where is it used
  • Why you would use it on Android
  • Cross-platform benefits
  • Control over the multimedia stack
  • On-going work to bind GStreamer on Android to avoid dropping into C

Speaker bio

I am a GStreamer developer, working in my free time and as a consultant on the GStreamer and PulseAudio multimedia projects.

Most recently, I’ve been spending my free time working on an automated bindings generator so developers can get started with using GStreamer (and similar projects) on Android without having to write a ton of boilerplate JNI code.



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