droidconIN 2016

The sixth edition of droidconIN

Gautam Prajapati


Diving into the Firebase

Submitted Sep 13, 2016

An insight on Firebase:

  • How and when to use?
  • Analysis based on the Features, Scalability, Reliability, Cost, Time(Development)
  • Simple Hacks and Tips to improve the structure of data
  • Organising Firebase enabled app builds
  • Data Scoping


With the launch of Firebase Android version 9.4, I’m sure over 480,000 developers around the world are thinking of migrating their existing apps to match with the new exciting features and unification offered by Firebase. In this talk I’ll be talking in detail about:

  • The new features, where and how to use them to effectively grow and scale the app
  • Insights on its benefits, drawbacks in a medium/large app
  • Some hacks to effectively structure and access the data
  • How to keep everyday development data separate from release data in Firebase? (Organising Firebase enabled app builds)
  • Data isolation between different environments: Development, QA, and Production


Android Studio 2.x+, Android SDK

Speaker bio

I’m a Junior year Software Engineering undergraduate from Delhi Technological University, New Delhi. I’m an Android Developer and an Open Source Evangelist. I’m working with Firebase since two years now, it can save a lot of time so that we can focus on the actual things that make our apps/sites unique. I love to hack, excited about the new technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality. Currently building my own startup Arsenic Labs, where we provide Augmented Reality UX as a service. I was the winner of AngelHack Delhi 2016, IncubateX and Geek Combat hackathon.


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