droidconIN 2016

The sixth edition of droidconIN

Chirayu Desai

Chirayu Desai


Developing Android apps on Debian

Submitted Aug 4, 2016

I have been working with Debian since this summer, as part of GSoC, to get the Android SDK packaged.
We intend to provide a free software environment to work with Android apps - build them, modify them, etc.
I will be demostrating the SDK setup procedure, and also some tools separately (like aapt, apktool) using only Debian packages (no binaries from Google), and also share my experience about how this was all created.
You would get a brief idea of how your android app gets built, and also how to setup a build environment on Debian.
You get the choice to have updated packages, and still only install what you want - if you want only adb, you can have that.


The talk will start with an overview of the various components of the Android SDK, i.e. what it takes to build an Android app.
Next, a brief idea about how they are built by Google, and how does Debian build and package all those components.
This would show some internals of both the Android build system, as well as the SDK build process for applications.
Debian also has packages for Android related tools such as apktool, which will be shown.
All of the SDK packages are bundled individually, so you could for example install just adb and fastboot if that’s all you want, and it would still be kept updated.
A demonstration of the available Debian packages will also be given, so that you can use it.

Speaker bio

I’m currently in the second year of my Bachelor in Engineering degree.
Android is what I started development with, in general and it’s also the first open source project I worked on / contributed to.
I have been working with CyanogenMod as a device maintainer since 4 years.
I started working with Debian this summer, as a Google Summer of Code intern, and have been working with the Android Tools ever since to make developing for Android on Debian a better experience.



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