droidconIN 2016

The sixth edition of droidconIN

Himanshu Singh


Deep dive into ChromeCast (Sender & Receiver)

Submitted Aug 10, 2016

Chromecast is one of the powerful media streaming device which can easily be used to showcase media files after connecting to phone or any other device which supports the same. Using chromecast device is very easy, just plugin it in HDMI port and enjoy the streaming experience on TV.

In this session, we will learn about Chromecast sender and receiver applications. The sender application, that supports Chrome sender SDK, sends the data to chromecast device and receiver application receives the same via chromecast.

We will also discuss casting approach of chromecast.


Topics covered are –

  1. What is chromecast?
  2. What is sender and receiver application?
  3. How to cast using sender and receiver application?
  4. Casting various media files like,.
    a. Image
    b. Video
    c. Audio
    d. Text
  5. Customization in Chromecast sender/receiver
    a. Default
    b. Styled
    c. Custom view
    d. Mirror


Speaker bio

Himanshu currently working for To The New in Smart TV & Android App development which includes Android Tv, Roku Tv, Samsung Tizen Tv, Amazon Tv, Setup-box, Smart Alliance TV. Eager to learn new trending technology in market like Chromecast, Beacon, Setup-box , IoT and many more.


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