droidconIN 2016

The sixth edition of droidconIN

Aastha Gupta


Constraint Layout in one go

Submitted Sep 15, 2016

Android has launched its all new Contraint layout this year at google I/O. A new powerful and flexible Android layout that allows you to express complex UIs without nesting multiple layouts. For this only android had to change its layout editor. Its a whole new way for android UI designing. It is making layout designing easy and also enhances the performance of the app.


Google’s new ViewGroup constraint layout and the all new Layout Editor areaunched at Google I/O this year. It is supported in the Android studio 2.2 version.
Costraint layout is a layout based on Constraints. A constraint is a description of how that view should be positioned on the screen relative to other elements in the layout. It is supported back to Gingerbread version i.e API level 9. In this talk we will discuss,
1. What is Consraint layout?
2. Why we should use it?
3. And, How to use it in your Android project?
Also we will discuss the about the blueprint design mode and some features of Constraint layout like Auto Connect, Inference etc.


Android studio with 2.2 preview.

Speaker bio

I am an android deveoper at Webkul Software PVT LTD. Its been 1 year since I am working on android, mainly in e-commerce field. Currently I am working on an E-commerce app builder for Prestashop CMS.




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