droidconIN 2016

The sixth edition of droidconIN



Building Native Android Apps in C# and Share code across iOS using Xamarin

Submitted Oct 27, 2016

In this session, you will learn how to leverage your existing Android skills to create mobile apps focusing on the C# language features that you will encounter while developing Xamarin.Android applications. We will look into some of the Android APIs(that are same as Java) and how the approach to these APIs differ from their Java counterparts. You’ll also learn to create the architecture necessary to support maximum code sharing and reuse across native iOS apps. We will dive into some best practices for handling fragmentation across and within each device platform.


Talks will introduce building native apps in C# using Xamarin.
Demos will cover:
*File new Project – Android App in C#
*Live code an app called “tourist attractions” with a ListView and a detailed page (Explain Java to C# comparison).
*Extend it with a demo consisting of RecyclerView, FingerPrint APIs (Marshmallow), Animations and Geo Fencing.
*Show the same app on iOS (a bit on storyboards).
*Implement a Check-In feature with SQLite on both Android and iOS (Explaining shared code, Dependency Injection, Patterns & Practices)

Speaker bio

Nish is a Senior Program Manager on the Xamarin team at Microsoft. He is a C# fanatic and has been writing softwares for web and desktop platforms for little over a decade. Since 2013, with Xamarin, he majorly focusses his time on writing iOS & Android Apps and evangelizing the joy of Mobile Dev. Working out of Bangalore, India, he’s passionate about spreading C# and Xamarin love among .NET developers across the world. You will often find him speaking at Xamarin Evolve, Microsoft Conferences (/Build, TechEd, FutureUnleashed, etc.), and other conferences across APAC. Find him on Twitter & GitHub @nishanil


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