droidconIN 2016

The sixth edition of droidconIN

jay gupta


Android Security Design and Architecture

Submitted Jul 11, 2016

Android is comprised of several mechanisms playing a role in security checking
and enforcement. Like any modern operating system, many of these mechanisms
interact with each other, exchanging information about subjects (apps/users), objects (other apps, files, devices), and operations to be performed (read,write, delete, and so on).
Oftentimes, enforcement occurs without incident; but occasionally, things slip through the cracks, affording opportunity for abuse.
This talk will discuss the security design and architecture of Android, setting
the stage for analyzing the overall attack surface of the Android platform.


I will cover following topics

• Android’s architecture and security model

• Package management

• Permissions

• SELinux

• User management

• Cryptography, PKI, and credential storage

• Enterprise security and Android for Work

• Device security and verified boot

• NFC and secure elements


This talk is conceptual talk so no requirements .

Speaker bio

I am student currently in 2nd year studying bachelor in information technology (Bsc IT) from
Amity University Noida , delhi , India . Apart from academics i have great interest in open
source softwares and security , interested in art of cryptography and it’s sub related aspects .
my love for security : i play lot of warchalls .
link : https://www.wechall.net/et/profile/jayssj11

On the community part, I am part of GDG New delhi ( GDG: google development group) . GDG
helps students to learn about google technologies and other open source technologies .
GDG new delhi : https://developers.google.com/groups/chapter/114576537688641864561/

I am also GSOC studnet 2016 . KDE is my organization for GSOC 2016.

WikiToLearn desktop client ( GSOC project for KDE ) : https://github.com/hackertron/W2L/

My published articles on HackThis ( one of the popular warchall site )







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