droidconIN 2016

The sixth edition of droidconIN

Rishabh Khanna


An Insight on Firebase

Submitted Sep 18, 2016

Creating a succesful app is still too hard, developers time and resources are limited and it doesnt make sense for developers to be managing dozen different tools for a App.Hence To accelerate app making let me introduce Firebase - A cross platform backend as a service.

With help of a challenge app(case study Github-link : https://github.com/Rishabhk07/challenge) where people can challenge each other to complete different tasks and upload their videos or photos with the task completed on their Challenge Feed, i will give you an insight on different aspects of Firebase like

  • Database
  • Authentication
  • Storage
  • Cloud Messaging
  • Dyanamic Links
  • Analytics
  • Benefits and drawbacks of Firebase


  • Analysing your App with Firebase Analytics

    • With just 2 lines of code and a config file you can get Firebase Analytics, which gives an overview of all the key metrics of your app like
      • number of Active user from montly weekly daily
      • revenues from in app purchases
      • how often users are coming back to your app
      • where users are coming from
    • Events in Analytics
    • Audiences with different parameteres
    • Attribution in Firebase
    • Funnels in Firebase
  • Creating & Managing Firebase Database

    • Cloud hosted nosql Database
    • Real time Data - no need of ‘pull to refresh’
    • how Database is structured in Firebase - key value pair with hierarchical structure
    • mapping schemaless JSON into JAVA classes
    • benefits & drawbacks of Nested JSON data like scalibility issues
    • Nested Datastructure vs Flatten Datastructure
    • using FirebaseUI-Databse Library to Fetch data easily from Firebase
    • Offline Capabilities of Firebase Database
  • Authenticate your User

    • Email & passwords Authentication
    • Social Providers
      • Facebook Login
      • Google Sign-in
      • twitter
      • github
    • runs on same Technology that powers google’s Authentication system
    • using FirebaseUI-Authentication Library to implement Login flow with best practises
  • Store your Photos, audios, Videos with Firebase Storage

    • store photos like profile pics.
    • Retrieve photos
  • Cloud Messaging

    • GCM is now FCM
    • sending notification without writing a single line of code
    • sending notifications to Analytics Audience
    • scheduling in notifications
    • sending notification when app is background & foreground
    • sending notification to a single user
  • Dyanamic Links

    • what are dyanamic links and its use cases


A Laptop with Android Studio installed

Speaker bio

I am 3rd year Computer Science undergraduate student of Jaypee Institute of Information Technology Sec-62. I love developing Android apps and contribute in open source. I have been developing in Android for more than a year now . I am technical coordinator at GDG Jiit Noida and member of Open source developers club at Jiit. I have also participated in code-n-counter, hackathon organised by Nagarro.

Some of my Firebase Android Apps :-


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