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Submitted by Devesh Mittal (@deveshmittal200) on Jun 28, 2016

Section: Full talk (40 minutes) Technical level: Intermediate Status: Rehearsal ongoing


Hysterical of the dreaded NullPointerException that all Java Dev’s continue to grapple with?Tired of writing the mechanical , repetitive , pointlessly verbose Java code? Worry not, there’s a new Language for you and its’ super simple for you(the Java Developers) to learn.


How Kotlin helps reduce the extraneous verbosity of Java code while keeping it same, simple and interoperable with Java.How it can be useful to a developer while writing complex Java code to following complex practices invented by the Gurus of the Language and Android. We start with a simple class example in Kotlin to show the amount of Boilerplate destruction / reduction , it has done and continue to implement the MVP pattern on a fragment to unleash its’ potential.


An Open Mind.

Speaker bio

Just Hacking currently. Earlier employed at Wynk Music and myplex.com


  • Arnav Gupta (@championswimmer) 4 years ago

    Excited about this.
    Have been moving most of my db models, adapters and businesss logic processing into Kotlin in recent apps

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