droidconIN 2016

The sixth edition of droidconIN

Testing complex apps using Espresso (UI Testing)

Submitted by Shivaraj Patil (@shivpatil) on Jul 5, 2016

Section: Crisp talk (15 minutes) Technical level: Intermediate Status: Waitlisted


UI testing lets you ensure that your app meets its functional requirements and achieves a high standard of quality such that it is more likely to be successfully adopted by users.
In this talk I am gonna demonstrate how we can write good UI tests for complex apps using Espresso and we will also see few advanced espresso topics.


Advanced Espresso
- Custom Idling resources
- Espresso Intents & Advanced Intents
- Hamcrest matchers
- Testing Adapters
- Testing Views
- Assertions
- Basics of creating your own custom matcher
- Espresso Recorder
- Robotium vs Espresso


Android Studio 1.5+
Android SDK
Espresso 2.2

Speaker bio

Self taught Android developer, worked at Triveous Skyro voice recorder(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.triveous.recorder).
Created continuous integrated Skyro tests with Jenkins & spoon.
Conducted Android workshops.
Github: https://github.com/shivarajp
StackOverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/users/2765160/shivaraj-patil


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