droidconIN 2015

The fifth edition of droidconIN

Wingston Sharon


React Native for Android : Accessing your very own custom java modules/classes/views from react

Submitted Sep 16, 2015

You will learn how React-Native for Android works and how you can use your existing modules/view (eg: overriden ImageView / SurfaceView / TouchController ) and integrate it with your react application.
This will be a very practical session as we will go through how to integrate a VideoView (not available in current react release) into an application from scratch.


React native is out and people are now checking out what is possible with this framework from facebook.
Since this is an initial release, not all components are present in the framework.
A barrier to using React other than the fact that it is very new is of course what do you do when you need to use highly customised / overriden features that you have written for your current android application.
We will go through the bridge layer, how react communicates over the bridge and understanding these will be fundamental to architecting a truly cross platform application with react.
We will go through the steps of adding a new react native android module and react component that plays video, deal with user events over the bridge and see how it is very easy to roll out your own native component and contribute to react-native.


basic understanding of react
basic knowledge of android dev

Speaker bio

I have been working with react-ios for a while and even though i have just started react-android programming, im really excited about this awesome framework and the advantages that it shows.
* my github
* blog post


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