droidconIN 2015

The fifth edition of droidconIN

Kashi Vishwanath


Demystifying Android for Work

Submitted Sep 9, 2015

Demystifying Android for Work


The Talk would have the following.

  1. Introduction to Android for Work
  2. How Android for Work has started making inroads.
  3. Features of Android for Work
  4. How Enterprises should embrace Android for Work.



Speaker bio

I am Kashi Vishwanath, Senior Technical Architect at Mindtree working in the Mobility domain for the past 12 years.
I have been working on Android for the past 6 years and work on wearables & IoT use cases.
I love bringing technology to day to day life as I believe that technology empowers a human to lead a quality life.
I firmly believe that imparting knowledge helps a person to gain more. I have a passion for teaching and training people and have received great response in this regard. The uniqueness about my teaching/training is that I connect all the missing dots which enables a better learning.
Last, but not the least I enjoy working on and exploring new technologies and open for challenges.

I have been a speaker at last year Droidcon 2014. I have conducted a workshop on App Development on Smartwatches.


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