Droidcon India 2014

Droidcon India’s fourth edition

Jose L Ugia Gonzalez


Building our next big thing on a weekend with Google App Engine

Submitted Oct 11, 2014

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The goal behind this talk is to empower independent developers, and/or developers with a limited amount of resources. It’s not only that nowadays we can enjoy services like App Engine, that take away most of the hassle of building a product/app, but also that those are given to us with an loose free quota that we can use to prototype and test our own assumptions before incurring into bigger time and resource investments. That to me should be translated into a more talented audience building and developing their ideas, thus enriching the market with knowledge, experiences and quality, but ultimately eliminating the entry barriers to a market which is all about global, viral, social and collaborative features.


Being the guy-for-all, full-stack developer is nowadays easier than ever. And even though putting all the workload and pressure into one person is obviously not beneficial in most cases, this fact on the other hand enables us to prototype our projects and ideas much quicker and just by ourselves, but also takes repetitive work and other time consumers away from our todo list.

We’ll explore how state of the art on technologies like App Engine, Android, Web or iOS together with online tools like repository hosting services, online free training and cloud storage services among others, provide us with the right environment to prototype our ideas quickly, reaching MVPs through a quick iterative development process.

To illustrate that process we’ll build a simple cross-platform app on Android with an Api on App Engine. We’ll use Python on the api side (sample code for Go will be also provided).

Speaker bio

Entrepreneur as a way of life.
Passionate about the combination of business + product development and software engineering.
Mostly interested about new technologies, especially on the areas of mobile, cloud, and e-health.
Side-project believer and wanna-be social entrepreneur.
Always free for long beer conversations.

Currently working @6Wunderkinder as Head of Android and Co-Founder @Momenta. Google Developer Expert.




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