Droidcon India 2014

Droidcon India’s fourth edition

Jitendra singh


Android Whets - The Must Haves to galvanise your android apps

Submitted Oct 8, 2014

The main motto of this seminar would be the key aspects which should be taken care of while creating or modifying an app to make it appeal to users.
I would be concentrating on 3 major topics
1)The key things to keep in mind while adding new features in the app.
2)UI features to make it stand out of all and the design principles and techniques to follow so as to make the app’s UI consistent on various platforms.
3)Various Data sync techniques so as not to make an app laggy and unresponsive.


The world is constantly changing and so are the client’s/user’s demands :).
Whenever a change is to be done in an existing app or creating a new app from scratch,what should we have in mind so as to make an app custom tailored for the purpose it was meant ,is what at the core of this presentation.
This seminar would focus on the two backbones of any app viz UI,Data Sync.
Aditionally It would cover the versioning aspects of any app, i.e the key concepts which has to be taken care while modifying an app.
Please find the presentation link of DropBox to have a vivid look at the topics that I would be covering.

Speaker bio

Well I am Jitendra working as a Senior Software Engineer in MindfireSolutions(Awesome Place to Work).
Started career as a web developer but soon within one month switched to mobile application development and from then I never looked backwards..
Have experience of 3.6 years in mobile development mainly of Android and somewhat of BlackBerry.
Imparting knowledge is something that I love the most.
Looking forward to meet you all.




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