Droidcon India 2014

Droidcon India’s fourth edition

Siji Sunny


Android on OpenSource Hardwares (Raspberry Pi, Cubieboard & BeagleBoneBlack)

Submitted Nov 14, 2014

The objective of this session is to introduce the concept of OpenSource Hardware (Raspberry Pi, CubieBoard, BeagleBoneBlack, etc.) and the process of porting Android on Raspberry Pi and other Open hardwares.


This session will cover
Android operating systems and development environments for Various OpenHardwares(Cubieboard, RPi, BBB).
Kernel Compilation
And Performance Optimisation

Speaker bio

An OpenSource enthusiast,been developing softwares and doing research for in various domains:Operating Systems & System programming, Application/ User Interface development,Embedded & Mobile computing, Text processing & Language computing and cloud computing. Currently, he is the Director of Research Lab named as MELabs, a Research and Development company working in the domain of Mobile and Embedded Computing.


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