Droidcon India 2014

Droidcon India’s fourth edition

Sriram Ramasubramanian


Abstract UI Concepts

Submitted Oct 26, 2014

UI performance is more important for an app to be popular. In this talk you will learn about few concepts that can change the way you think about writing UI code.


Android runs in over 40,000 different devices. Not all devices have the same power as Nexus 6 or HTC One. UI performance is more important for an app to be popular. Most of the times reducing the View hierarchy can give performance wins. But there are many more things that can help the UI performance.

Can we split each row in a ListView into multiple rows to achieve faster binding time? Wouldn’t it be cool if we can use sprites in Android just like we do in CSS? Oh wait, could it give performance win? TextViews have text layouts which are re-created every time we scroll. Can we cache them for performance wins? App gets GC-ed and UI stutters. Is there a way to postpone GC? My app has a lot of icons. Is there a way to reduce the numbers of icons I ship in the APK? This talk will provide answers for more questions like these.


Have written UI for an app.
Some knowledge of bitmaps, text layouts.

Speaker bio

I work at Facebook on their Android app. As a UI Engineer, my job is to create re-usable UI components that can be used by product engineers. Earlier I worked at Mozilla as a front-end engineer on the Firefox for Android app. I blog at http://sriramramani.wordpress.com/ on nice UI techniques. I created the tool Droid Inspector (http://www.sriramramani.com/droidinspector) to debug UI issues in a 3D view. In my earlier life I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Masters in HCI.


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