Droidcon India 2014

Droidcon India’s fourth edition

Tips for Designers: from a developer

Submitted by Alok Vaish (@alok-vaish) on Oct 22, 2014

Section: UI - crisp talks Technical level: Intermediate Status: Rejected


Provide guidelines for designers to create adaptive designs that will help easing up the implementation part for developers.


Android developers struggle with creating and implementing designs that should work well on all Android devices irrespective of the size, density and aspect ratio of device. This talk is about basic guidelines from a Developer to a designer that would make design implementation process smoother.

Over my 5 years experience in Android development I’ve learnt some useful techniques that ease out the painful design implementation in Android devices.

Please look at my slides which outlines the issues that I’ll be talking about.

Speaker bio

I am Mobile developer hacking Android since its existence. I am interested in exploring other parallel universes: web frameworks and iOS.
I would love to be around and talk to other mobile developers and share my experience with them.

I am Senior Developer at Vinsol. Always happy coding :)




  • Alok Vaish 5 years ago (edited 5 years ago)

    Proposal Summary

    Problem Statement:
    Android is a versatile OS with more than 1000 device manufacturers and more than 18000 distinct devices. Screen size of android phones vary from 2.6” - 6” and the resolution of screen could lie between 240 X 320 to 1440 X 2560 px with screen density from 120 to 640 dpi (ldpi to xxxhdpi). Its difficult for designers to create such designs which work well on all these devices and still developer friendly.

    Flow of talk:

    Take Away:
    Designers will be familiar with advantages and limitations of Android for supporting most of the Android phones. They will find guidelines for creating base designs for apps and how they can scale the designs for rest of the devices. Developers will come to know some interesting patterns using which they can convert them into real apps.

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