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Mobile Apps for Developent

Submitted by Anvita Bajpai (@anvita-bajpai) on Oct 20, 2014

Section: UI - full talks Technical level: Intermediate Status: Submitted


SMAC, especially mobility has changed the world in many ways. As a result, many companies are working on innovative solutions for the changed world. Startup culture is also flowering. However, as one talks about solutions, we start talking about the best in class technologies, for the best available devices.
What about the other extreme end of population? and what solutions they need? and what is the business opportunity in the developing world?
This talk would present the spectrum at the other end to the audience, to help explore the emerging market.


As per recent studies, it is clear that there is a growing market, in terms of number of mobile phones, and subscriptions in the semi-urban and rural areas in developing countries.
As the term ‘developing’ emphasizes, that there is a requirement for development, to help raise the bar of living standards for humans overall.
In this talk we would explore what are the goals for development for millennium, as defined by UN. And try understanding this market and it’s needs so they we can create technology solutions in form of mobile apps to help improve their lives.
I would be demonstrating a few existing mobile apps in the areas of agriculture, finance, education, healthcare etc. And I would also discuss further possibilities.

Speaker bio

Anvita Bajpai, Lead Consultant at Wipro Technologies (CTO Office), is an IIT Madras (MS in CSE), and IIM Bangalore (Entrepreneurship) graduate with about 10+ years of experience in smart product building using Artificial Intelligence across domains like internet, audio and multimedia, healthcare, retail, banking etc, with MNCs - Oracle and Satyam, and startups - Decidyn (as AVP) and Vimagino. She has also been a guest faculty at IIM Bangalore.
She has a number of publications in leading conferences in the mentioned areas, and she has also written business and technology articles for MarketExpress.
Apart from presenting her research papers in conferences, she has also been invited as speaker at UXINDIA‘14, Vodafone (Innovation Labs, Bangalore), Wipro (CTO office, before joining Wipro), IITMAA (IIT Madras Alumni Association) Bangalore, and UXINDIA‘13.

Apart from technology, she also has an artistic inclination, being author of “Life, Odds & Ends” (fiction).
Talks related to research work done on human behavior and lives, while writing this book, has been presented at UIUC (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Midwest PanIIT Alumni Group @ Naperville, IL, World Book Fair 2014 Delhi, IIT Madras, and in Bangalore at IIM, C-DOT, IIIT, JustBooks, Atta Galatta, IIT Alumni Centre. She has also been a panelist at IIT Madras during IITMAA Golden Jubilee Celebrations.
A few of these events have been covered by leading newspapers like Times of India, and her interview was published in Deccan Chronicle, Bangalore.

Her detailed profile and links to her writings are at http://www.linkedin.com/in/anvitabajpai

Articles in MarketExpress @ http://www.marketexpress.in/author/anvita-bajpai

More -

@ Blogger - http://anvitabajpailoe.blogspot.in @ FB - https://www.facebook.com/LifeOddsEnds @ YouTube - Her Book’s Trailer - http://youtu.be/7i485G11B3g @ Twitter - anvita_bajpai


  • Kashif Razzaqui (@kashif) 5 years ago

    Anita can you clarify what specifically your talk will be about. What track does it fit?

  • Anvita Bajpai (@anvita-bajpai) Proposer 5 years ago

    Hi Kashif: The focus would be on mobile apps for emerging markets, for example, m-paisa by Vodafone. I would be covering a few mobile (android) apps in sectors like education, healthcare, finance, and education.. and how they contribute to help people like farmers etc. to help improve their lifestyle. Further, what domain, usability, and UX issues are there, and what is the possible growth and need of this market - is what I plan to cover in my talk.

    A slightly overlapping talk I had given at UXINDIA‘14, recently, on oct 10th.

    It would be useful to the people, as many don’t even notice this market.

    It can be linked with UI, or IoE track - where I’m talking about things in villages and semi-urban areas :) .. You may check.

  • Umang Jaipuria (@umangjaipuria) 5 years ago

    I like the topic, but I share Kashif’s concerns that this doesn’t quite fit in the theme. Is there a way to focus on, say, IoT, and talk about IoT in social development?

  • Anvita Bajpai (@anvita-bajpai) Proposer 5 years ago

    Yes @umang, that’s the idea .. Thanks ..

  • Anusha Jayanti (@vennindoubt) 5 years ago

    “what domain, usability, and UX issues are there, and what is the possible growth and need of this market”- I think this sounds very promising, and works with UX thread. Do you think we could explore along these lines further?

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