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Wingston Sharon


OpenCV Image processing applications with Android

Submitted Sep 24, 2012

This workshop would focus on introducing basic image processing with the openCV image processing framework in Android. Participants can leatn how to set up a complete environment for OpenCV development in Eclipse and practically try out some image processing examples during the practical workshop on their android device.
Participants can learn how to Integrate openCV for image processing real time video streams from the camera of any android device for their custom applications.


OpenCV is an open source image processing framework that can be used for a number of image processing applications. Its popularity and community support have made it being ported to a number of platforms and it also a large academic community support that performs a lot of image processing research using OpenCV.
This workshop aims to be a primer into setting up and compiling openCV android applications in Eclipse for android development, A basic introduction to image processing terminology and the working of the openCV libraries, a look at some image processing application such as color detection, filter operations like edge detection, and how to perform real time operations on a live video stream from the devices camera for things like face detection etc. Also a small introduction will be given to how to overlay objects ono the openCV surface to implement Augmented reality application easily.


Laptop with Eclipse & ADT plugin installed
An android device with camera for testing the code
Android-ndk-r8 for their platform
OpenCV-2.4.2-android-sdk for their platform

Speaker bio

Wilson Wingston Sharon is CTO of his startup, Workshop India and has experience in multi platform development with Android / PHP / Javascript and Embedded Linux Hardware. Workshop India also takes specialized courses in all these technologies




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