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Enterprise apps are sexy, they solve a problem and make money

Submitted Sep 26, 2012

This session is a pitch to developers to build business and enterprise apps.

Enterprise apps look unsexy to charter into but they are a large opportunity waiting to be tapped. The trend foretells how Enterprise IT and workforce behaviour is changing due to adoption of tablets and smartphones.


Broader trend:

  1. Enterprise Mobility is projected to take 18% of the trillion plus dollars being spent by the IT worldwide (yes, it’s a big number, but there’s also reality in it)
  2. Devices are seeing massive adoption in the enterprise. Right from airlines to hospitals to Quick-Service Restaurants. Tonnes of printed flight manuals are being replaced with tablets. Sales teams in the field no longer carry a laptop.

50% of apps never have a download, forget a rating or comment. 100s of apps are clones of themselves. Majority of the “unused” apps are around the popular categories. The session is going to talk about opportunities in the enterprise and why we need more developers to build “business” or enterprise apps.

To our surprise few are paying attention to what an enterprise wants. Of course, the sales cycles are longer, getting adoption takes time. Luckily the gestation is a deterrent for many others and there are few competing with you in the last leg of the marathon and beyond the finish line.

Now is the time to build mobile apps for enterprise.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Why enterprise apps is a sexy business, albeit the appeal is not visual
  2. How much money is up for grabs in enterprise apps biz (and enterprise mobility in a broader sense)
  3. What some of the enterprise startups up-to and how they are changing the behaviour of the CIO and the IT organization
  4. Doing enterprise apps is a long-haul in the woods but there is definitely a kill


  1. Open to all app developers
  2. Developers who have deployed apps but never made any significant amount of money are the best audience for this session

Speaker bio

Many years on earth and many working for large & small companies and many startups created. Still write code, create products from scratch, do business deals and invest in startups.

Co-founder, BitzerMobile. An enterprise mobility startup building a key infrastructure for enabling secure remote access to enterprise intranet from Android, iPad/iPhone and Windows devices. Previously, investor at The Morpheus and Partner at The Morpheus Fund 1.


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