Droidcon India 2012

India's largest Android Conference

##About Droidcon
Droidcon is a two day international conference that’s all about Android. It brings together luminaries from all aspects of the Android ecosystem - solo app developers, visual and interaction designers, software startups, enterprise software leaders, robotics and arduino wizards, kernel and ROM hackers, OEMs and platform providers, and technology enthusiasts.

Tickets are available from droidcon.doattend.com.

##Proposal Selection Process
The proposal funnel below will enable you to submit a session and vote on proposed sessions. It is a good practice introduce yourself and share details about your work as well as the subject of your talk while proposing a session.

Each community member can vote for or against a talk. A vote from each member of the Program Committee is equivalent to two community votes. Both types of votes will be considered for final speaker selection.

It’s useful to keep a few guidelines in mind while submitting proposals:

  1. Describe how to use something that is available under a liberal open source license. Participants can use this without having to pay you anything.

  2. Tell a story of how you did something. If it involves commercial tools, please explain why they made sense.

  3. Buy a slot to pitch whatever commercial tool you are backing.

Making a funnel submission does not guarantee final selection. While selected speakers will get a free ticket to both days of the event, proposers whose talks are not on the final schedule will be able to purchase tickets at the Early Geek price of Rs. 1800.

Sessions at this year’s Droidcon are 30 minutes each, including transition time. You have 20 minutes to present and 5 minutes for Q&A, with the remaining 5 minutes for the next presenter to begin setting up while you answer the last set of questions.

If you have material that will need more than 30 minutes, consider:

  1. Skipping the first part of your presentation and making it more advanced level, or
  2. Splitting it into two proposals. The Program Committee will work with you to schedule your (selected) sessions back-to-back for continuity.


The main overarching themes for this years Droidcon are grouped into five sections.

###App Demos
Level: Intermediate

  1. 15 minute demo of app you’ve built (yourself or as part of a team)

  2. 30 minute deep dive into one specific unique problem you dealt with and how you solved it. Problem can be technical or UX.

  3. 15 minute Q&A

One spot will be reserved for a featured hacknight demo (or a short demo of all apps)

Level: Beginner

  1. 15 minutes of concepts via slides

  2. 30 minutes of show and tell

  3. 15 minutes of interactive guidance with audience

Topics should address specific areas - for instance a) Using Fragments, b) Building basic animations, c) Using WebView, d) Offline Storage & Cache.
Prior registration is required, all attendees must bring laptops with SDK & tools preinstalled.
Speakers must ensure sessions can be run without Wi-Fi access if needed.

###Specialized Topics
Level: Intermediate

  1. NFC / Android Beam

  2. Sensors

  3. Arduino

  4. DLNA & Media / Google TV

  5. Gaming

  6. Multi-modal Apps

  7. Enterprise App Development

  8. UX Patterns & Challenges

  9. Designing apps for the Indian market

###Platforms, Tools & Libraries
Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Usage of open source platforms, tools & libraries like Eclipse, PhoneGap, Kirin, jQuery Mobile, etc. Proprietary tools need to be sponsored sessions.

###General Topics
Level: Beginner/Intermediate

  1. Using Fragments

  2. Whats new in Jelly Bean

  3. Designing for different form factors

  4. Tackling Fragmentation

  5. Marketing & Monetizing Android Apps

The Program Committee may recommend that some proposals under General Topics be considered under the Workshops or Specialized Topics section depending on the nature of the content.

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droidconIN is an annual conference on Android, part of the worldwide series of events. more

Jayanth Kolla


Android Based Branded App Stores in India - Current Overview & Future Potential

Submitted Sep 2, 2012

Present a case for Branded App Stores in India, the role of Android in enabling these stores and various initiatives & business models being adopted by different value chain players


Customized, branded app stores offer a lot of flexibility for OEMs/carriers. If implemented correctly and with a definitive purpose, a branded app store could be a powerful tool for OEMs/carriers. Along with being an extended brand promotion and consumer engagement tool, it can be a potential differentiator, increase device/service sales and revenues, help understand consumer usage behavior (thus, enabling user profiling and targeting), provide a platform to cross-sell and upsell products/services and act as a retention tool (potentially reducing churn).

A branded and curated app store will tackle the issue of discoverability for the consumer and also allow the OEM/carrier to promote a specific set of apps/content aligned with their brand promotional activities. In India, branded app stores are developed and offered as per OEM’s/carrier’s requirements either as one-time implementation or a managed/hosted service by niche OTT (Over-The-Top) technology providers (such as ‘Borqs’, a niche Android solutions provider).

Speaker bio

Jayanth Kolla - Partner, Convergence Catalyst:

Jayanth brings over a decade of experience in Technology, Product Marketing, Research and Strategy Consulting in the Telecom Networks, Mobile Devices and Mobile VAS domains. He has held various roles in Telecom Carriers, Handset Manufacturers and Management Consulting firms.

He was involved in the roll-out of India’s first rural wireless telephone network for a private carrier, implementing SHLR, testing of CDMA devices & FWTs, successful rollout of multiple GSM and CDMA handsets, developing multiple MVAS product offering & business growth plans and telecom research & advisory (comprising market entry, business growth strategy & investment advisory) for various players across the value chain.

His areas of expertise are Product Marketing, Market Research & Analysis, Tracking and Publishing on current Telecom Trends.

Having worked for key players in the Telecom industry, Jayanth brings invaluable domain knowledge that spans across Product, Consumer, Distribution and Retail. Companies Jayanth has previously worked for include Tata Teleservices, Kyocera Wireless, Motorola, Nokia and Analysys Mason.




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Hosted by

droidconIN is an annual conference on Android, part of the worldwide series of events. more