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Agile development for mobile apps

Submitted Oct 16, 2012

Short and snappy overview of Agile

  • Look at the challenges and benefits of Agility for Mobile apps development
  • Go through some example variants that can help tailor the process specific to your needs


Love it Or hate it, the potential benefits of being Agile is hard to dispute. However, when it comes to deploying an agile process that works in the mobile apps development world - there are many factors that influence the ability to successfully drive benefits out of it.

In this session we will take a quick look at the basic agile process and look at the various factors that makes this far from a one size fits all methodology.

We will then look at some of these factors/challenges. These could include the constant changes in platforms, capabilities etc; the lack of experience in this space for many developers; the unknown nature of some of the features you set out to build etc.

Finally, we will take the core agile process and run through various approaches with some examples to tailoring it for mobile applications development in order to realize the benefits of agility.

Speaker bio

I am a senior tech executive and an eternal hobbyist. I love to create products that bring real world experiences to your mobile phones. For the first half of my career I was a hardcore developer and for the next half have played various product marketing, management and strategy roles.

As a Director of Product Management, for over 4 years now have been working with teams that use Agile and am a big fan of Agile. I bring a combination of both Developer and Product Management insights into Agile and have helped drive it specific to the organization, team and product needs.


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