The first webinar of Digikat, is a starting point for understanding the intersection of Indian Crafts and Creative Coding.

The webinar is open to all, the Digikat collaborators and others curious minds at large. Our hope is to gather insights from experienced design professionals from the craft sector and start some meaningful conversations about the technology, crafts and the future of it all.

Speaker Line-up

Bina Rao, Co-founder and Creative Head, Creative Bee

Gunjan Jain, Founder, Designer, Vriksh designs

Ambika Joshi, Co-founder, Ajaibghar Cultural Services

What is DIGIKAT?

Digikat is a convivial foray into the heritage of Ikat through the lens of creative coding.

For three weeks, a group of creative coders, designers, and textile experts, will convene and craft possible bridges between the two worlds.

The aim of the program is to sensitise a new generation of creative individuals to the meticulous work behind crafts like Ikat, and help those interested participating in the event better understand the crafts at hand be they textile or code related.

Know more
Inspired by the international Museomix format which invites anyone interested to hack their local museums over the course of a weekend.
You can check out last year’s Museomix India at the Sanskriti Kendra Terracotta Museum, New Delhi.

If you have any questions about the event, please write to hugopilate@gmail.com.