Workshop on Privacy by Design for Public Applications

An introduction to how to build privacy preserving digital platforms

Welcome to our first crypto party which will be looking into cryptography and its applications in technology systems.

In this workshop, we are hosting Prashant Agrawal, Anubhutie Singh, Malavika Raghavan, Subodh Sharma, Subhashis Banerjee to discuss their recent paper on “An operational architecture for privacy-by-design in public service applications” which looks into operational architecture for privacy-by-design based on independent regulatory oversight stipulated by most data protection regimes, regulated access control, purpose limitation and data minimisation. The paper looks into case studies of privacy-preserving design sketches of challenging public service applications.

The first day of workshop will explain the privacy concepts in computer science outlined in section 3 of the paper looking into Data minimisation, Zero knowledge proofs (ZKPs), Encrypted Databases and anonymisation, Inferential and differential privacy, Purpose limitation, Homomorphic encryption, Private information retrieval.

The second day of the workshop will look into operationalizing privacy by design public applications by looking into the regulatory requirements for these systems and showcase example systems of Direct Benefit Transfers and Contact Tracing applications. It will look into the feasibility of such systems in public applications.

Who should participate:

  1. Programmers, Technologists, Product Managers building digital platforms
  2. Policy Professionals, Academics and Researchers working on digital platforms
  3. Journalists reporting technology

Date: Saturday, 27th June & Sunday, 28th June 2020
Time: 4.00-6.00 P.M on Saturday and Sunday
Format: A workshop explaining various privacy by design concepts in computer science .
Participation is via Zoom for registered participants. There is no livestream for this workshop. Join the workshop using

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You can continue to be part of discussions on privacy preserving technologies post the event using the telgram group

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About Crypto Party: Crypto Parties are generarlly hosted to promote privacy and encryption technologies. These parties are being hosted to bring out discussions related to use of cryptography in digital systems.


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