End to End Encryption Email Attachments with Skizzle App

A deep-dive into how E2E was implemented within skizzle

Welcome to crypto chat which will be looking into cryptography and its applications in technology systems.

In this lecture, we are hosting Aravindh and Mayur from Skizzle to discuss how they built a end to end ecnrypted email attachments client. While a lot of people claim their systems are E2E, not many of them explain how that works behind the scenes. At Skizzle the team is leveraged blockchain to build E2E systems.

Who should participate:

Programmers, Technologists, Product Managers building digital platforms
Policy Professionals, Academics and Researchers working on digital platforms
Journalists reporting technology

Date: Sunday, 26th July 2020
Time: 4.00-5.30 P.M on Sunday
Format: A lecture explaining End to End Encryption.

Participation is via Zoom for registered participants. Others can watch it live on Youtube.

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