Thakur Rahul Singh


Specialists VS Generalists

Submitted Dec 24, 2014

There is a common myth that it is better to be a specialist rather than a generalist and that specialists are more successful that generalists. The objecitve of my talk will be to give the audience an insight into both these kind of species and to bust any myths regarding them. It will also help the audience identify as to which species they belong.


Are you a specialist? Brilliant at something? Or do you just consider yourself as one because the world prefers a specialist? Well, it’s time you find out. In this session we’ll start with what these two species exactly are, analyse their traits, discuss where they fit best and much more and in the process you can figure out who you truly are so that you can bring out the best in yourself.

PS: The presentation attached is just an outline of the presenatation.


Lots of myths!

Speaker bio

Currently a third year student at National Institute of Technology Karnataka and a second time entrepreneur. I am really passionate about creating things that matter by building really awesome teams. I am currently working on an idea that can change the lives of small business owners.

I also like to pen down articles about startup ecosystems and my thoughts associated with that. At Construkt 2014, I gave a talk on the topic “Is is too early to startup?” which was well recieved by the audience.



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