Rohit Lalwani


Fools theory of success

Submitted Dec 23, 2014

To motivate participants on developing skills to lead a successful life. It encompasses elements on thinking out of the box and creating innovations.


To present and discuss ‘what kind of people become successful today?’ The talk and discussion establishes the theory of how important it is to lead life in a fools way to be successful. It starts from analyzing why we address a fool as a fool and then looking at the same aspects from the fools lens. Eg. A fool is the one who jumps before he thinks. However a logical person will never dare to leap as he over analyses the case, which never allows him to take the experiences the situation could have presented. Similarly there are 6 such behavioral aspect of a fool that are discussed.


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Speaker bio

I am a parallel entrepreneur and entrepreneurship coach. I am co-founder of Sparkpluggers Innovation Lab, an organization dedicated to developing entrepreneurial eco-system and igniting startup growth. I also teach entrepreneurship at premier Engineering/ Management Schools - CIIE IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Mumbai & Kharagpur, NIT-AP, SRM Chennai, Symbiosis, ISB&M etc. I have over 9 years of work experience which includes heading institutional sales for Asian Paints for Karnataka, as Business partner at Wonder Bath- One of the largest construction materials distributor in Pune, marketing head for TalentBridge Technologies, evangelist for CIIE- IIM Ahmedabad and iWeekend India for their entrepreneurship activities. I have organized over 300 business and social events and an active member of entrepreneurship forums in India. I have achieved my graduation from Pune University and post-graduation from Symbiosis Pune.



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