Jaseem TS

CrowdStudio - a curated graphic design platform for startups

Submitted Jan 27, 2015

Don’t have an in-house design team? Let me introduce a very easy way for startups and small businesses to get their graphic design done.


CrowdStudio is a platform specially for startups and small businesses to find quality design for affordable prices.

a) It’s curated crowdsourcing - every designer in the CrowdStudio community is handpicked. Amateurs are filtered out, ensuring design quality.

b) It has a growing range of design categories, from logos to banner ads to book covers to poster design.

c) Unlimited revisions and private one-on-one chats with the designers, in case you aren’t yet sure what you’re looking for. There is no obligation to accept a design, even the winning design, until you’re satisfied with it.

d) A 100% money back guarantee. Normally we try to avoid this because, obviously, it means that the client didn’t find what they were looking for. We do everything we can to fix it, but if you’re still not satisfied, we give 100% money back, no questions asked.

Aside from this, CrowdStudio has all the things you’d expect of a crowdsourcing site, like budget-friendly pricing and quick turnaround time.

Speaker bio

I am an Engineer-turned-designer, who founded my own design studio - ‘WowMakers’ in 2011.

It all started from the Engineering days, when I started designing logos through several crowdsourcing websites. 4 years of freelancing earned us a pretty good portfolio and experience, good enough to get a job as Senior Designer in a startup (Foradian). Realizing that I could earn a living out of my passion, my co-founder and I took a leap of faith and WowMakers Design Studio was born.

We became the first startup at Startup Village. We were able to get in touch with a lot of small businesses, many of whom later became our clients. As the WowMakers gradually gathered more and more buzz, an increasing number of startups came to us, but couldn’t afford a design studio. Many of them had tried working with individual freelancers and other design companies, but were put off because there were too many average designs, slow turn-around time and less professionalism.

We connected the dots and thus, CrowdStudio was born: India’s first and only platform for curated graphic design platform which use the power of crowdsourcing. A place where businesses can find affordable designs without compromising on quality, a completely risk-free solution with a quick turn around time. A site whose goal is to create awesome designs for startups and SMEs, and a platform for aspiring designers to showcase the best of their work and earn great money for it.

I would love to discuss about the value such a graphic design platform brings to the millions of small businesses and startups across India.


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