Krishna Prasad Raveendran


A Fat Man's Tale Of Finding Happiness

Submitted Feb 4, 2015

  1. To motivate the audience to break out of their shell, get past faliures, find theor calling and achieve their full potential.
  2. To help them get past their current insecurities and fight for their dreams.


I’ll be sharing my personal story of self discovery to help the audience move past their current ciscumstances. Its a funny take on how hardships are your bestfriends and faliure your best teacher. The reason the audience will be able to connect with my experiences is because I’m one of them. I am a normal 22 year old guy sharing his story in the hope of helping them find their calling.

Speaker bio

A 22 year old Mechanical engineering graduate who currently handles talent acquisition for India’s largest youth centric creative platform, Campus Diaries. A self depricating humor enthusiast who looks like quiet dashing from the moon. Why am I the best person? Because I’ve battled bullying, body image issues, inferiority complex, depression and engineering to finally accpet who I am and be confident about what I can achieve. I believe my story will be able to help youth of today to stand up and fight for their dreams and not be held back by dogma.


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