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Saving children's lives in villages using information technology

Submitted Feb 4, 2015

In this talk, you will learn how mobile phone and cloud computing technology can be used to improve people’s lives in rural areas, with a health supply chain as a case study. You will also hear about the the journey of a social enterprise and insights gained in making information and communication technology work in low-resource settings.


In villages, availability of essential goods (such as vaccines, medicines, etc.) is a problem and people travel long distances to procure them. Rural supply chains are frought with problems of poor accessiblity, inadquate supply, ad hoc distribution, bad management practices and low-capacity of people working in the supply chain. We have deployed a mobile phone based solution which enables efficiencies in rural suppy chains and ensures optimal stocking of essential goods at the last-mile of these supply chains. The talk will describe a case of how this technology has improved a vaccine supply chain, the various challenges inherent in such a venture, and strategies to overcome them. We will also describe our own evolution as a social enterprise and learning from it.

Speaker bio

Arun is the CTO and Co-founder of Logistimo and has been part of this entire journey of taking technology to rural areas, with the aim of helping improve people’s lives. In the past, he has been at both startups and bigger technology companies such as Yahoo! and Xerox Research, and has walked the path across technology creation, product management and business development.



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