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Kumar Ray


Behind the scenes at Floh - India's singles network

Submitted Feb 5, 2015

Bootstrapping a business and creating a brand.


Sidman and Simran will be talking about how they have successfully bootstrapped Floh from the ground up. The presentation will also include a talk and a behind-the-scenes video about how the Floh brand was built with obsessive attention to detail.


An open and inquisitive mind.

Speaker bio

Siddharth Mangharam

a.k.a. Sidman is the CEO of Floh. He is a self-confessed experience junkie. If you don’t find him running long distances every weekend at Cubbon Park, he’s probably climbing in the Himalayas or at a Vipassana meditation program. In his endeavor to seek out the good life he has concluded that the best experiences are when the company is great and the activity is well organized. These are the fundamental drivers that define our approach at Floh. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Sidman did time at McKinsey & Co. Inc., Microsoft Corporation and The Coca-Cola Company. He has an MBA from The Ross School of Business at The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Sidman loves Ann Arbor.


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