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Tummala Dhanvi


Git / GitHub Workshop

Submitted Dec 6, 2015

Using Git - the stupid content tracker and Github - Where software is built


Preview of Session

  • What is Version Control System / Why do we need such tool
  • History of Git and how was it created
  • Why Git (re-invent the wheel?)
  • Installing Git
  • Basic Configuration (Name,Email etc..)
  • Explain how Git works
  • Do some Basics of Git (Add,commit,push)
  • Why Github ? and other alternatives
  • Contributing in Github


Basic Bash Commands (cd,ls..) Knowledge

Speaker bio

  • I have Good knowledge of Git and have contributed to Git (Git is a software which is written in C and uses Git as VCS) by reporting a bug

  • I am Security Enthuiast who take part in CTF’s.

  • FREEdom Software lover.

  • Proud Mozillian who hacks at Mozilla to make the web more open

  • I am also a active member of FOSS@Amrita full details here

  • I also write articles about FOSS in OSFY (Open Source For You) in my free time

  • I have started contributing to Mozilla recently and became one of the Contributors



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