Libre, not Gratis

yogesh babar


The Story Of Operating System (Linux / Unix)

Submitted Feb 20, 2019

“Linux is a story of Unix told by Linus Torvalds”
If you really want to love Operating System then you have to understand first the history of it. Who Implemented it? In what circumstances? What was the motive? Who are these guys? Why did they take so much of pain to make OS? What is the relation between Linux & Unix? Is Unix there in Linux? Why did they choose the ‘C’ language? What is kernel? What is shell? Why not assembly?


I will be explaining who? Why? What? How? .. of open source. I might use some poems in between to explain Open Source :)

Duration: 60 Minutes (including Q&A)


enthusiasm about Linux

Speaker bio

  • First fresher hired by Red Hat
  • 8 years of total Linux experience
  • Working as Principal Technical Support Engineer @ Red Hat.
  • So far more than 7k+ students have attended the open source sessions.



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