Libre, not Gratis

S.Ramaseshan (aka VoidSpaceXYZ)


FOSS, Technology and Society - Prespective of a FOSS Activist

Submitted Feb 20, 2019

Technology has a strong impact in the society. And then there are FOSS activists. Does the interests of FOSS activists and common people align ? What difficulties we face ? Where do FOSS activists fit in the common people spectrum ? Can FOSS solve some of common people issues ? This talk lets explore various use cases and how FOSS has contributed to the betterment of our society and where we still need to work more.


What is the impact of technology in people and how to measure it
Use cases of technology and what to learn from them (Aadhaar, Privacy policies etc)
Does FOSS really matter ?
What is this Open source thing and what moral responsibilities does it hold ?
What is a FOSS community and its responsibilities
How do we move towards positively contributing towards a techno-society


Organizers : Get me a projector and a mic
Participants : An Open mind, possibly a part of a FOSS community, love for techno-politics and FOSS would be a add-on

Speaker bio

I have been a part of the Free Software movements for over 5 years , helping institutions in various districts of Karnataka and Tamilnadu have a active and understanding Free software clubs.


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