Libre, not Gratis

Yogesh Chavan


Hacking your router with OpenWRT

Submitted Feb 4, 2019

OpenWRT is Linux distribution specially made for routers and other networking devices. When you install it on router, it unlocks lots of potentials of router. This session will be demonstration of such hacks.


This talk covers what all you can do with your router when you install OpenWRT. There will be few demos.
1. What is OpenWRT?
2. Wifi hacks
3. USB hacks
4. Hardware hacks
5. Other hacks
6. OpenWRT Installation
7. Development in OpenWRT

Speaker bio

Currently, I am working as Training Content Developer at RedHat, Pune.
Previously, I taught in local collages for five years full time.
Before that I worked in software industry for 5 years.
I have given several talks at Open Source events.
I have my book published “Programming The Beaglebone”.



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