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Rahul Bansal


WordPress - Overview of the Ecosystem and Opportunities

Submitted Feb 14, 2018

WordPress currently powers 30% of the Internet.
This growth of the platform leads to an ecosystem with many possible use cases and career opportunities.

WordPress - started as a blogging platform, now used as a CMS, eCommerce, LMS, membership platform. In some cases, people are using WordPress as a headless backend for mobile apps and also as an app framework.

The growth in userbase and variety in its usage created an ecosystem of career opportunities beyond engineering jobs.

Like other tech ecosystems which are dominated by engineering jobs, WordPress ecosystem has plenty of creative, writing and support roles.

The goal is to explain audience how WordPress is used from small personal sites to some of the most significant sites. How it handles simplicity and complexity with sophistication!

I hope the audience will be excited to know diverse opportunities and possibilities in open source!


  • WordPress Introduction.
  • What is WordPress?
  • How it is used?
  • Who uses WordPress?
  • Why WordPress is made?
  • WordPress & Developers
  • Ecosystem
  • Themes and Plugins
  • API driven app/Full JS app
  • Code is poetry!
  • Culture of WordPress
  • WordCamps and
  • Online communities and meetups
  • Remote Jobs
  • Non-engineering jobs


Switch phone off or keep them in airplane mode :-)

Speaker bio

Rahul’s WordPress journey began in 2007. Over a decade he has worked as a professional blogger, freelance WordPress developer, and currently heading rtCamp - an enterprise-grade WordPress agency.

At the same time he has contributed to the WordPress community in different ways such as a WordCamp speaker, organizer, polyglot editor, theme & plugins developer.


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