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Shadab Khan


CrashCourse: Machine Learning and Neural Networks

Submitted Feb 12, 2018

Our talk will introduce the audience to the field of machine learning, why is it required, and it’s applications to solve real life problems. We propose to start from scratch and progessively demonstrate various models used in industry. We also intend to explain projects performed by us and conclude the talk by giving the audience an idea on how to create their own ML models and get started on a project related to this field.

The talk will also demonstrate the frameworks and services provided by Intel for students interested in Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.


  1. Intro to machine learning
  2. Linear regression and classification
  3. Neural Networks: Explained
  4. Convolution Neural Networks and Feature extraction
  5. Tools & Frameworks: Keras and Tensorflow
  6. Creating your own neural network.
  7. Intro to Generative Models
  8. Case Study



Speaker bio

Computer Engineering students, COEP.
Intel Student Ambassador for Nervana AI Academy.
Machine learning enthusiasts and Deep Learning practitioners.

###Sumedh Pendurkar:

  • Former research intern at IIT, Roorkee
  • Project in field of Computer Vision, remote sensing and classification
  • World Rank - 56 out of 4528 in DeepLearning Challenge by HackerEarth

###Shadab Khan:

  • FOSS enthusiast and Open Source contributer
  • Projects in field of Deep Convolutional NN, Generative Adversarial Network and AI.
  • Conducted workshops and talks as a part of SDS, COEP


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