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Saptak Sengupta


Python and JS WATS

Submitted Feb 28, 2018

WAT is the title of a famous talk by Gary Bernhardt about the various extreme cases in different programming language. Similar to the concept, this talk will be about some of the extreme cases in python and JavaScript and demystifying the reason or logic behind them and how they work and why the WATs may not be that WATs. This talk will explain the functioning causing the extreme cases and thus describe some of the basic functions of python and javascript and how they behave. PS: This is a real fun talk (maybe not so much after explaining), so hope laughing is allowed.


This talk will have 4 WATs each from python and javascript.
1. Python WAT 1 followed by explanation
2. Python WAT 2 followed by explanation
3. Python WAT 3 followed by explanation
4. Python WAT 4 followed by explanation
5. Javascript WAT 1 followed by explanation
6. Javascript WAT 2 followed by explanation
7. Javascript WAT 3 followed by explanation
8. Javascript WAT 4 followed by explanation

2 to 3 minutes each.


Basic syntactical knowledge of python or JS and ability to laugh.

Speaker bio

Saptak Sengupta is a software developer in Zomato and maintainer in FOSSASIA. He is also an active contributor in jQuery core project.




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