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Saptak Sengupta


jQuery: To Do Or Not To Do

Submitted Feb 28, 2018

jQuery is a small, lightweight and feature-rich Javascript library. It helps in a lot of DOM related manipulation, event handling, DOM traversal, animations and many more using a very simple API.

Even since it’s invent in 2006 by John Resig, jQuery has not only inspired and brought about a lot of changes in the browser actions and vanilla JS, it has also gone through a lot of changes itself. With it’s latest release coming out in January 20th, 2018, jQuery is continuously releasing new changes and also deprecating many of the ways of writing jQuery. This talk will cover the changes and the best ways of using jQuery and stuff which even though available in jQuery API, should not be used due to unpredictable behaviours. The talk will also cover the future of jQuery and what the team is looking forward to do in future.


Introduction to jQuery (2 minutes)
jQuery: Past and Present (3 minutes)
Newly added features (5 minutes)
Changes in existing features (5 minutes)
Deprecated and unsupported features (5 minutes)
jQuery: Future (5 minutes)

Speaker bio

Saptak Sengupta is a software developer in Zomato and maintainer in FOSSASIA. He is an ex-GSoCer and Google Code-in Mentor and active contributor of jQuery core project.


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