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Shayan Anwar


DevOps : Transforming Software Development & Operations

Submitted Feb 9, 2018

Software Industry is rapidly incorporating the “DevOps” culture and tools for Project Development. The talk will unfold the reasons why DevOps is so disruptive and useful. The audience will get introduced to this whole new world of DevOps, some of the famous tools that are being used and why technology giants are using DevOps. The talk reveals how the process of project development can be automated at integration, testing and deployment stages, thereby fast-forwading the entire process. It will also focus on some of the famous open source DevOps tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Git etc.


1.What exactly is DevOps.
2.Why is it so groundbreaking.
3.Traditional project Development vs DevOps way.
4.Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD). [Jenkins]
5.Containerization of environments.[Docker, Kubernetes]
6.Docker Environment vs Virtual Machines.
7.Comparison in terms of efforts and time.
8.Future of DevOps : “AIOps”, integrating Artificial Intelligence with DevOps.

Speaker bio

I am a final year Computer Engineering student of COEP. I did a research internship with NTT DATA at their R&D Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. I worked with the “Advanced DevOps” team with the japanese people. I developed a set of custom DevOps toolset to speed up the process of development. During these 2 months of learning experience, I had a close exposure to this world of DevOps where I got acquainted to the need & benefits of DevOps. Hence I feel I can share my knowledge based on my hands-on experience.

I have also taken a few workshops and tech-talks before in COEP, “Blockchain: A groundbreaking Tech” being the most recent among them.



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