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Building Browsers Internals Using WebExtensions APIs

Submitted Feb 21, 2018

The agenda of the talk:

  • What are Add-ons
  • Learn what & Why is WebExtension
  • Different User Interface in WebExtension
  • Live Demo of developing Extension


It’s now easier than ever for developers with knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to make extensions for Firefox, Chrome, & Opera using WebExtensions APIs. During the session, I will demonstrate how to build an extension to add bookmarks using context menus and our own shortcuts (commands). After this session, attendees will be able to create, run, and debug an extension using Commands, Bookmark, Menus, & Notification APIs.


Participants should have Laptop, Text Editor, Modern Browser (Firefox Nightly preferred)

Speaker bio

Contributed to Mozilla a Senior Firefox OS App Reviewer. Contributing to Mozilla community as active WebExtension Evangelist and Tech Speaker. During day time I am working as backend developer at Zoho Corporation.



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