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Gaurav Pant


3D game development using Blender Game Engine

Submitted Feb 20, 2018

Blender game engine provides an easy way to develop 3D games using the logic bricks system. The game devlopement requires no programming knowledge, which makes it more interesting.


Introduction to the Blender 3D interface.
Handeling basic objects/mesh in the 3D interface using the keyboard and mouse.
Switching to the Game engine.
Introduction to Actuators and Sensors.
Developing a simple game involving collusion detection.


Linux systems, Installed with Blender 3D version 2.76 or above. Systems reqire keyboards with numeric keypads and 3 Button mouse with scroll wheel.

Speaker bio

I am freelance web developer/Trainer for FOSS (Free/Open Source Software) technologies.
Have been working since 2003 and uses LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) stack as for web development. Other FOSS tool like GIMP and Inkscape that are required for graphics multimedia etc.

I am is also involved in imparting training in different institutes. and has been associated with Symbiosis Institute of Computer Research and Studies for almost last 10+ year.

I have used Blender 3D out of interest and also teach the same at SICSR.

A Member/Co-ordinator for PLUG (Pune GNU/Linux Users Group) since year 2000.


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