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Ankit Gadgil


Cook-up Firefox: Privacy Settings.

Submitted Feb 20, 2018

Online Privacy has become the talk of the day. The amount of data we give out about ourselves by using free services and portals is enormous. This data is sometimes not a fair trade for the services we use.
Using private browsing or incognito mode is not enough to stop the data leaks.
The session looks over possible data threats and the ways to use Firefox in a more private manner. Changing configuration to help stop data leaks from your browser. And finding an alternative to the most widely used search engines.


  • How you can change firefox cofigs to have a more customized and private experience.
  • How to block trackers on the web.
  • Best Privacy extensions.
  • Use of privacy respecting search engines.
  • QA


Not mandatory (good to have) - Laptop / mobile with Firefox installed

Speaker bio

Web Dev | Privacy Agent | Python | JS | Community | @mozillareps Mentor | Red Hat

An open source and open web advocate who believes the web should be equally accessible to all for equal opportunity. I like to code and enjoy working with python and js.
I usually contribute to a few open source projects like mediawiki, wordpress but more principally Mozilla. I voluntarily work on the mozilla reps council( responsible for developing programs, structures, OKRs and managing the workflow for the reps program. I strongly support data privacy.
I work as a Sr.Software Engineer at Red Hat


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