ATMs and Cashonomics

Overview of earliest payments tech Industry - ATMs - and economics of cash

CashlessConsumer runs a fortnightly series of deep dive sessions on the technology powering payments, policy implications and real-world practice of digital payments.

ATMs in India & Cost of Cash / ATM Pricing

The session will look into history of ATMs, ATM Networks in India as well as price regulation of ATM charges as well as discuss the recently released report of the committee on ATM Interchange followed by discussion on cost of cash from a consumer standpoint.

Reading list:
* CashlessConsumer released report by RBI committee on ATM Interchange
* 2008 RBI draft paper - ATMs of Banks: Fair Pricing and Enhanced Access
* Customers providing benefit to banks through usage of ATM and EDC machines

Who should participate:
* Consumers of ATMs
* Practitioners from fintech and digital payments, including engineers and product managers.
* Bankers.
* Journalists who report on Fintech and are looking for education on industry trends and practices.
* Anyone interested in knowing more about ATMs and cost of cash from consumer lens.

About CashlessConsumer: CashlessConsumer is a consumer collective working on digital payments to increase awareness, understand technology, produce/consume data, represent consumers in policy of digital payments ecosystem to voice consumer perspectives, concerns with a goal of moving towards a fair cashless society. Read more on the website and the blog. Follow @cashlessconsumer on Mastodon, Telegram, watch our older conversations on Youtube


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