Anti Money Laundering (AML) in Remittances, Dataflows and Privacy

A deep dive session on AML, Remittances, Dataflows and Privacy

CashlessConsumer runs a fortnightly series of deep dive sessions on the technology powering payments, policy implications and real-world practice of digital payments.

Global KYC, AML and Compliance Best Practices

In this interactive session, speaker Kanchan Kumar will cover KYC (Know Your Customer) - from a business perspective - and AML (Anti Money Laundering) from a global lens focussed on remittances, compliance best practices, technology/tooling around compliance. It will give an introduction to:

  1. How various data flows are structured for AML compliance
  2. Which geographies have most progressive AML technology - in terms of efficiency in bursting terror financing networks/money laundering as well as their data collection practices and privacy-friendly nature. Kanchan Kumar will focus on North America (including Canada and the US), GDPR in Europe, and India’s potential data localization law.
  3. How does data localization impact remittances, AML / KYC and what are third-party tools and services are used for compliance.
  4. Breakdown of various FIUs (Financial Intelligence Units) and how FIUs work in accordance with one another.

Read more at Anti Money Laundering(AML) in Remittances, Dataflows and Privacy - a preview / context setting for the session.

Slides for Kanchan’s talk are available on:

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About the Speaker: Kanchan Kumar is the co-founder and CEO of REMITR, a Toronto-based payments platform built specifically for small businesses. REMITR offers an alternative to wire transfers and bank visits to pay suppliers and staff.
Kanchan is active in the world of software technology since 1990. With nearly 30 years of experience, he is a seasoned professional with strong industry and technology understanding.

Who should participate:

  1. Practitioners from fintech and digital payments, including engineers and product managers.
  2. Bankers.
  3. Journalists who report on Fintech and are looking for education on industry trends and practices.
  4. Privacy enthusiasts, Data localization policy nerds
  5. Anyone interested in knowing more about cross border remittances and AML.

About CashlessConsumer: CashlessConsumer is a consumer collective working on digital payments to increase awareness, understand technology, produce/consume data, represent consumers in policy of digital payments ecosystem to voice consumer perspectives, concerns with a goal of moving towards a fair cashless society. Read more on the website and the blog. Follow @cashlessconsumer on Mastodon and Telegram.


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